Supporting the Town of Kensington residents is the first priority of the Town Council and Town Staff. We hope these resources provide valuable information.

A planned Victoria community, complete with church, library and a local newspaper was formed in the early 1890’s by Brainard H. Warner. Warner named the new subdivision “Kensington Park” after the London suburb Kensington Gardens. After a successful petition to the Maryland General Assembly by Kensington residents, the town became incorporated in 1894. This allowed the town to better handle demands for civic improvements.

The Town government still operates in the same basic form as it did at its incorporation in 1894. It has a mayor and counsel holding monthly town meetings and includes a town manager and other office and public works staff.

The Town of Kensington offices are located in the 1972 Armory building at 3710 Mitchell Street. Hours are from 8am to 4pm weekdays and can be reached at 301-494-2424.

The Mayor and Town Council are elected to serve the Town on a part-time basis by the residents of the Town of Kensington. Find out more about the Mayor and Town Council, terms and contact information here.