The Town will begin contracting with Ecology Services Refuse & Recycling for collection services in January 2019. Please review the following information for schedules and guidelines for disposal of trash, brush, and recycling. Above photo courtesy of Montgomery Parks Staff.

The placement of trash, brush, and recycling materials shall not occur prior to 4:00 pm the day before the scheduled collection, and all receptacles must be removed by 12:00 midnight following the collection.


  • Collection occurs twice weekly on Tuesday and Friday. Please have your receptacle curbside by 7:00 am the morning of collection.
  • Bulk items are classified as residential trash items that do not fit within a standard trash can or any metal items (appliances). The Town’s weekly residential bulk collection is not a junk removal service. If you have a bulk item, please contact the Town staff by 12:00 noon on the Monday before the item is to be picked-up. Bulk collections are only scheduled on Tuesdays.
  • We do not collect construction or landscaping material and commercial contractors are required to remove their own debris/materials.


  • Collection occurs on Mondays only. When Monday is a holiday, it may be picked up on Tuesday that week. All grass clippings, yard trim, and tree debris must fit within a standard yard-waste bag, or into a separate container that is clearly marked for yard trim. Please do not use trash bags or mix yard waste with trash. The total weight of the bag or container must not exceed 45 pounds.
  • Dirt/Soil, Rocks, or Turf will not be accepted under any circumstances!
  • Rootballs and tree stumps need to be taken directly to the County Transfer Station located at 16105 Frederick Road, Derwood, MD 20855.
  • Branches must be bundled. Each branch should not be larger than four (4) feet in length, and four (4) inches in diameter. Each bundle must be less than 45 pounds.


  • Collected on Tuesdays only. Each single-family and town home received a large, wheel-based, blue container for recycling in January 2011. The recycling (blue) bin is intended for recyclables only. Please use a separate container for trash and brush.
  • The Town collects recyclables through a single-stream method, meaning that all recyclable materials may be placed within the recycling bin.
  • We follow the County’s recycling guidelines as to what is acceptable at the recycling facility. For a thorough and up-to-date list of how to dispose/recycle a specific item, please visit the County’s How to Recycle/Dispose Page.
  • Please view our Recycling Basics fact sheet for more information.


  • The Town recently installed a Community Compost Station at the rear of the Town Hall Parking lot. Residents are encouraged to drop off their compost, free of charge, which will be collected each Monday. Please contact Town staff with any questions.
  • The Town is working with a company called Compost Crew whose mission is to eliminate food waste and revitalize the earth’s soil through clean and convenient solutions available to everyone. Click here for Helpful Composting Information.
  • Additionally, and separately, you can have compost collected from your home through Compost Crew, which is not sponsored through the town. Each home would contact Compost Crew to sign up to receive their composting kit. Click here for their Company Overview. The more residents that sign up for the program, the better the price point will be. Sign up at Compost CrewCollected on Fridays only. Each single-family and town home will receive a composting bucket.