Background: Montgomery County, the Town of Kensington, and neighboring Ken-Gar community are soliciting feedback on proposed pedestrian and bicycling access and safety improvements to the Connecticut Avenue Corridor in and around the Town of Kensington. Mead & Hunt, a planning, design and construction firm, has concluded its initial study of current conditions in the corridor, and has proposed alternative concepts and project recommendations for future consideration. The analysis and design options cover Connecticut Avenue as well as key areas along Knowles Avenue, Plyers Mill Road, and University Boulevard. Community feedback is being solicited in order to inform the initial designs for some of these improvements, and recommendations for the final report.

Funding for this study was made possible through the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) Transportation Land Use Connections (TLC) program, and is slated for completion in mid-2022. The final report will help Montgomery County and the Town of Kensington pursue improvements to advance pedestrian and bicycling access and safety for the residents, visitors, and businesses of Kensington and Ken-Gar. This study’s findings and recommendations will serve as key inputs into the Town’s upcoming Bicycling and Pedestrian Priority Area (BPPA) plan, to be developed in partnership with the MD State Highway Administration (SHA).