Kensington has many works of commissioned art located in public places throughout Town. Murals and carvings are located in parks and on buildings large and small. Put on your walking shoes, grab your bike, or drive your car to take in all the culture.

Town Carvings

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Bear Bench

Artist: Jason Swain
Location: St. Paul Park | 3500 Plyers Mill Road
Details: Carved from a combination of American Ash, Black Cherry and Red Oak.
Inspiration: This bench was a collaboration between Mayor Tracey Furman and the artist, Jason Swain. It was to add some interest to St. Paul Park and has become a magnet for kids and family photos.
Date of Installation:

Crosby the Noyes Owl

Artist: Jason Swain
Location: Noyes Library for Young Children | 10237 Carroll Place
Details: Carved from a piece of Black Cherry.
Inspiration: Commissioned by a local Girl Scout Troop using their cookie money project. The girls raised enough money to have an owl carved to represent Noyes Library mascot.
Date of Installation:

David Gregg

Artist: Jason Swain
Location: Reinhardt Park | 10400 Armory Avenue
Details: Carved from American Ash.
Inspiration: This statue is a tribute to local tree guy David Gregg, who at the young age of 90 decided to retire from a business he had been in for more than 70 years. He had served the Kensington area for many years and recently retired to Pennsylvania.
Date of Installation:

Ernest the Eagle

Artist: Jason Swain
Location: Ernest Memorial Park | 10301 Connecticut Avenue
Inspiration: Ernest is a remake of the original eagle statue that deteriorated. The original and the new one is a dedication to both the military and to the artists niece, Katie, who passed away in 2007.
Date of Installation:
Ernest One 2008 | Ernest Two 2017

Flinn Park Guards

Artist: Jason Swain
Location: Flinn Park | 10227 Kensington Parkway
Details: Made from Norway Maple
Inspiration: The red fox and raccoon are common neighborhood animals that make occasional appearances. This pair is guarding Flinn Park.
Date of Installation:
October 2023

Hawk Island

Artist: Jason Swain
Location: Hawk Island | Intersection of Fawcett Street & Carroll Place
Details: Carved from white pine.
Inspiration: This hawk was originally inside Town Hall for many years until it found its home on Hawk Island.
Date of Installation:

Howling Dog

Artist: Jason Swain
Location: Kensington Dog Run | 10450 Metropolitan Avenue
Details: Carved from a piece of Gingko.
Inspiration: This dog was originally the guard dog at the Kensington’s Public Works Building, but when the Dog Run opened, he naturally was more suited to be with other dogs.
Date of Installation:

Neighborhood Birds

Artist: Jason Swain
Location: Clum-Kennedy Park | 10207 Kensington Parkway
Details: Five birds are featured on this carving to include a woodpecker, blue jay, cardinal, oriole and a hawk on the top. Carved from American Ash.
Inspiration: Inspired by residents who wanted a piece representing the local bird life.
Date of Installation:

Wizard of Oz: Toto and the Ruby Slippers

Artist: Jason Swain
Location: Kensington Park Library | 4201 Knowles Avenue
Details: Toto and the Ruby Slippers were carved from a local Gingko tree.
Inspiration: Both statues are part of the Library’s Wizard of Oz themed garden.
Date of Installation:

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