May 2017 Around Town Journal

May 2017 Around Town Journal

The Town has been incredibly lucky to have such an active and supportive business community over the years. Many of our local businesses organize and sponsor events throughout the Town and volunteer their time and money to support local charitable organizations and our schools. Please remember to shop local whenever you can, which is the best way to say THANK YOU to our businesses.

Upcoming Events:

  • The Kensington Shopping Center will be hosting Carmen’s Italian Ice & Custard on Thurs., Fri., Sat., and Sundays through

    [caption id="attachment_5618" align="alignright" width="150"] Paul Sexton (Edward Jones) and Jenn Paul (ServPro) at the Day of the Book Festival.[/caption]

    the summer, 5 pm—9 pm (weather permitting).

  • The Kensington Historical Society’s Summer Concert Series begins Sat., May 27th, 10 am, Howard Park.
  • The Kensington Historical Society celebrates their 40th Anniversary, Warner Mansion Park, 2:00 pm—5:00 pm.
  • Food Truck Night, Armory Ave., 1st and 3rd Thursdays, 5 pm—8 pm.

The Mayor and Town Council adopted the Fiscal Year 2017-18 (FY18) Budget at the May 8th Council Meeting. The Council approved maintaining the existing real property tax rate at thirteen and 6/10 cents ($0.136) on each one hundred dollars ($100) of assessed value; maintaining the personal property tax rate at seventy cents ($0.70) on each one hundred dollars ($100) of assessed value; and setting the personal utility property tax rate at four dollars and forty cents ($4.40) per one hundred dollars ($100) of assessed value.