Charter Resolution CR-01-2020 Adopted

The Kensington Town Council Adopted Charter Resolution CR-01-2020 at the February 8, 2021 Town Council Meeting.

  • Charter Resolution No. CR-01-2020 - A Resolution of the Mayor and Council of the Town of Kensington Amending Article VII, “Registration, Nominations and Election”, Section 703, “Removal”, Section 704, “Duties”, Section 705, “Notice of Elections”, Section 706, “Appeal of the Actions of the Board of Supervisors of Elections”, Section 707, “Registration”, Section 708, “Nominations”, Section 709, “Election of the Mayor and the Council Members”, Section 710, “Conduct of Elections”, and Section 712, “Vote Count”, to make provisions for resolving a Tie Vote, remove an invalid provision with respect to eliminating Voters from the Supplemental List, provide that no Election will be held and the qualified Candidates will be Declared Elected by the Supervisors of Elections if the number of qualified Candidates is not more than the number of seats to be filled, change how Notice of Elections is given, to allow for Publication in the Town Journal and posting to the Town’s website, any Town Listserv, and at Town Hall, limit Appeals of Supervisors of Elections decisions to Candidates and other qualified voters and set a time limit, extend the deadline to qualify as a Candidate to the third Monday in May in the event that no Candidate has timely filed for an office, clarify that qualifications for office are determined at the time of filing of the Certificate of Nomination, allow the Council by Resolution in an Emergency to postpone an Election until such time as it can be safely held, and to make other changes, allow the Council by Resolution to Authorize vote by mail, and allow placement of drop boxes for receipt of ballots.
  • The Charter Amendment will become effective on March 30, 2021.