April 2019 – From the Mayor

I would like to acknowledge the 125thAnniversary Committee: Nicole Andrews (Chair); Judy Beach-Uhlman (Co-Chair); Gloria Capron; Dawn Frattarelli; Megan Griggs; Kyle Richards; Angelika Stablow; Katherine Wood; and Council Member Duane Rollins. The Committee did a wonderful job planning this fabulous event and I continue to receive compliments from Residents who have expressed a desire to hold a similar event sooner than later.

If you were not able to attend our formal event on April 6th, the Kensington Historical Society (KHS) will be hosting a 125thAnniversary event for the community at Kensington Cabin Park on Sunday, June 2nd, 1 pm – 4 pm. The details for this event are still being planned, so additional information will be provided within our May Around Town Journal.

There was great representation by Town Residents for the March 28thCommunity Meeting, which was hosted by the developer for the proposed Kensington Square Self Storage project (10619 Connecticut Avenue). Following the community meeting, the Town Council and I held a separate Listening Session on April 3rd for additional feedback from our Residents on the project. While we are appreciative that the developer, 1784 Capital Holdings, made some significant changes to their original plan, specifically by focusing the first and second floors around a potential restaurant and artist space, the Town Council remains unanimous on our October 8, 2018 position that we will not support this project as a conditional use.

I have informed the representatives for 1784 Capital Holdings that the Town Council and I have not received adequate support for the project following the March 28thCommunity Meeting, and that we will not be considering the project for further review by our Development Review Board (DRB). If 1784 Capital Holdings wishes to re-submit their revised plan to Montgomery Planning, we will require 1784 Capital Holdings to attend a Town Council Meeting where we will formally reject the proposed plan.