Walter Johnson School Cluster Information

Walter Johnson School Cluster Information Mayor Fosselman has been in close contact with the Montgomery County School Board Members and Staff with reference to the ongoing Walter Johnson Cluster Round-table discussions. These talks are meant to formulate potential remedies to the ongoing surge in the Montgomery County population, resulting in the overcrowding of schools; specifically, our schools in the Walter Johnson Cluster. Council Member Sean McMullen volunteered last year to represent the Town during the process. The potential solutions that have been discussed during the Round-table, have been consistent with the original intention of no change to the Walter Johnson cluster boundaries being considered. However, there have been discussions about utilizing the former Woodward High School (currently housing Tilden Middle School also located within the current WJ Cluster boundary) as an additional High School facility, whether as a stand-alone grade 9-12, separate from Walter Johnson; or as a facility to house certain high school grades (9-10 for example). Surveys have been circulated by various local PTAs and you may have received one. These are related to the overall MCPS roundtable, but not necessarily the official message. One may obtain information about the pros and cons of each approach discussed here. The Town will be afforded the opportunity to provide a written response regarding our opinions and positions regarding the final document created by the Round-table process. Should you have any additional concerns or questions, please email the Mayor and Town Council.