Proposed CRT Zone Changes


Mayor FosselmanUpdate: November 14, 2013

I will be testifying before the County Council this evening, 7:30 pm, with regards to the Zoning Text Amendment 13-04, Zoning Ordinance - Revised, and District Map Amendment G-956. This meeting will be televised live on CCM Channels Comcast 6, RCN 6, and Verizon 30; repeated on 11/15 /13 at 9 pm.

The Town Council passed a Resolution (R-17-2013) at our October 21st Council Meeting in opposition to the proposed amendments and changes within Division 6.6 of the CRT Zone. In addition to the Resolution, I sent a letter to County Council President Navarro expressing our disappointment with the proposed changes, and have asked that these changes not be adopted until a complete evaluation of the current system has taken place.