Kensington 8K Race Road Closures

8K Race 2015IMPORTANT NOTICE OF ROAD CLOSURES 22nd Annual Kensington 8K Race | Saturday, September 19, 2015 A Town of Kensington Event |  Benefiting KP, NB, & WJ Schools *** KENSINGTON AREA ROADS CLOSED **** TO ON-STREET PARKING & TRAFFIC, ROLLING FROM 7:00AM – 10:30AM ON SATURDAY 9/19/15 Roads Closed (All Times Are Approximate within 15 minutes):  o Armory Ave from Baltimore to Knowles (7am-10:30am) o Armory Ave from Knowles to Howard (8am-9am) o Howard Ave from Armory to Kensington Pkwy (8am-9am) o Kensington Pkwy from Frederick to Washington (8am-10am) o Kensington Pkwy from Washington to Beach (7:30am-9am) o Beach Drive from Connecticut to Stoneybrook (8am-9:30am) o Old Spring Rd from Beach to E. Bexhill (8:15am – 9:30am) o E. Bexhill Drive from Beach to Wake (8:15am-9:45am) o Wake Drive from E. Bexhill to Frederick (8:15am-9:45am) o Frederick Ave from Wake to Kensington Pkwy (8:15am -9:45am) o Baltimore St, Carroll Pl, Hadley Pl, Calvert Pl, Washington St (7am-10am) o Fawcett, Mitchell, Montgomery, Kent Impacted by Road Closures Crossing Available at These Major Intersections (When Runners Not Present): o Kensington Parkway @ Saul and @ Everett o E. Bexhill Drive @ Saul and @ Kent