June 2016 Around Town Journal

June 2016 Around Town Journal

IMG_0471Congratulations to Mayor-Elect Tracey Furman. She has been a great Council Member and I know she will be an even greater Mayor.

Congratulations to Council Member-Elect Duane Rollins. He will be a fantastic and fresh addition to the Town’s leadership.

And congratulations to Council Member Sean McMullen for winning his sixth term! Sean has been an advocate for keeping our finances and traffic matters in check and his continued service is appreciated.

I continue to finalize the schedule of aesthetic renovations for Connecticut Avenue with the State Highway Administration. When Governor Hogan took office last year, the transition period slowed the Route 185 improvements down. However, the Governor’s staff has been very cooperative and supportive at getting the project back on track. This will include finalizing the stone pavers in the median, CSX bridge improvements and the new planting beds along Connecticut Avenue.

While we have accomplished a lot in the last ten years with our revitalization efforts—zoning, liquor laws, sign ordinance, landscaping and streetscape improvements, and park rehabilitation—there is much work that remains to be finished. I look forward to our first mixed-use redevelopment project in Kensington, and I hope to see additional restaurants and diverse services around Town. Together we have created a vibrant downtown. Please continue to patronize the local merchants and support the many events and festivals sponsored by the Council and area business owners. Talk to your Mayor and Council about what you would like to see for Kensington because resident input is the only way we may gauge our direction.

Code enforcement is imperative for laws we have initiated—no parking on the grass, storage pod permits, leash laws, limited signage, park fees and permits for non-Town members, yard maintenance, parking limits, commercial vehicle restrictions. It’s essential to maintain our Kensingtonian lifestyle and safety by upholding our local laws.