From Mayor Fosselman – August 2014

In an ongoing effort to improve upon the aesthetic appearance of our Town, in conjunction with the Kensington and Vicinity Sector Plan, the State Highway Administration will beMayor Fosselman replacing the existing median along Connecticut Avenue (MD 185) over the next few weeks. The median will be exchanged with a decorative stamped concrete, and additional landscaping will be added between Dupont Avenue and just south of Washington Street. These visual improvements will also include the replacement of the chain-link fence over the CSX Bridge at Howard Avenue with wrought iron like fencing.

The Council and I worked closely with the State Highway Administration to make this happen and we would like to thank their staff, Kate Mazzara and Brian Young, for their assistance. We look forward to future development within the Town and hope these small improvements highlight the ambiance of our Town’s historical charm as we move towards a more livable and pedestrian friendly community.

The new barrier and landscaping is complete at the end of Kaiser Place along Summit Avenue.

The old brown wooden Town park signs are being replaced with new metal framed signs with white lettering.

The Town Hall roof repairs and new kitchen floor are almost complete.

Street resurfacing continues throughout the summer and into the fall.

The Town Staff is preparing for the annual Labor Day Parade with street sweeping and street tree manicuring.

A reminder that yard sale signs may not be placed sooner than 24 hours of the sale on independent posts; signs nailed, taped or affixed to trees, lights, signs and utility poles are illegal and will be promptly removed.

A reminder that if you have a large object for trash collection, such as an appliance or furniture, to please call the Town Staff and let them know; pick-up is free, but warning is appreciated.

Enjoy the remainder of your summer!