Charter Resolution No. CR-01-2022 Adopted

The Mayor and Council Adopted Charter Resolution No. CR-01-2022 at the March 14, 2022 Council meeting. The Charter Resolution will take effect 50 days after its passage unless petitioned to referendum in accordance with Section 4-304 of the Local Government Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, within forty (40) days following its passage. A CHARTER RESOLUTION OF THE MAYOR AND COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF KENSINGTON AMENDING ARTICLE IV, “COUNCIL”, SECTION 403. QUALIFICATIONS OF COUNCIL MEMBERS, ARTICLE V, “THE MAYOR”, SECTION 503. QUALIFICATIONS OF THE MAYOR, AND ARTICLE VII, “REGISTRATION, NOMINATIONS, AND ELECTIONS”, SECTION 701, “QUALIFICATIONS OF VOTERS”, OF THE TOWN CHARTER TO ENABLE A NON-CITIZEN WHO IS A LAWFUL PERMANENT RESIDENT OR IS AUTHORIZED TO WORK IN THE UNITED STATES TO BE ELIGIBLE TO REGISTER TO VOTE IN TOWN OF KENSINGTON MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS.