August 2017 Around Town Journal

August 2017 Around Town Journal The Council and I have created an ad-hoc Annexation Committee to explore the possibility of annexing certain streets, already within the Walter Johnson Cluster, into the Corporate Limits of the Town of Kensington. These addresses include: The north side of Perry Avenue (3507 – 3613), Decatur Avenue (3500 – 3610), Madison Street (10815 – 10819), St. Paul Street (10724 – 10728), and University Blvd. (3404 – 3700). The first Annexation Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 15th, 7 pm, and will be Chaired by former Council Member David Beaudet. The meeting is open to the public. I would also like to thank the Kensington Business District Association (KBDA) for their continued sponsorship of Food Truck Night. KBDA Board Members Dennis McCurdy, Duane Rollins, Linda Blackburn, Mario Bruno, and Eli Sola-Sole, along with Al Lacey and Missy Carr (Go Fish Truck) have been instrumental in the overall success of Food Truck Night. Fence Ordinance Introduced The Mayor and Town Council introduced Ordinance No. O-02-2017 at the July 10, 2017 Council Meeting. The Ordinance proposes a restriction on the height of any new fences to be located within the front plane of a residential property. ORDINANCE OF THE MAYOR AND COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF KENSINGTON AMENDING CHAPTER V, “HOUSING AND BUILDING REGULATIONS”, BY AMENDING AND RE-ENACTING ARTICLE I, “BUILDING CODE”,  SECTION 5-109, “FENCES, WALLS AND RETAINING WALLS” AND ARTICLE 2, “HOUSING CODE”, SECTION 5-201, “MONTGOMERY COUNTY HOUSING CODE ADOPTED”; ENACTING NEW SECTIONS 5-202, “MAINTENANCE OF STRUCTURES”; AND RENUMBERING SECTIONS 5-202, “NEW HOME WARRANTY AND BUILDER LICENSING” AND 5-203, “PARKING ON YARDS AND GREENSPACE” The Public Hearing has been scheduled for Monday, August 14th, 7 pm, at Town Hall. Comments and questions may be submitted to the Mayor and Council prior to the Public Hearing at the following email: