Kensington is an active, supportive community. The Town values and benefits from its residents volunteering to serve on Town Committees as well as in and around the Town.

The Town is continually appreciative of the time, energy, and expertise it receives from its resident volunteers. With the support of our residents, the Town will continue to be an active and supportive community.


Auditing Committee – The Auditing Committee reviews the audit of the accounts of the Town required by Section 812 of the Town Charter and conducts reviews of other financial matters of the Town that a majority of the Council may designate. The Committee consists of three members; two of whom must be Town residents.  At least one member of the committee shall be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Each member is appointed by the Mayor to serve one-year term.  Current Committee Members consist of Sean McMullen (Council Liaison); Jeff Capron, CPA; Leslie Olson; and Kerry Thompson.

Board of Elections – The Board of Elections Supervisors oversee all Town of Kensington Elections. The Board consists of three members each of whom is appointed by the Mayor to serve a one-year term. Current Board Members consist of Duane Rollins (Council Liaison), Martha Deale, Spencer Harrill, and Cliff Scharman.

Ethics Commission – The Ethics Commission is charged with providing advisory opinions on matters of Public Ethics as set forth in Section 3 of the Town’s Code of Ordinances. The Commission consists of three members, each of whom is not employed by the Town and who are appointed by the Mayor to serve a two-year, staggered term. Current Commission Members consist of Darin Bartram (Council Liaison), Dave Beaudet, Jack Gaffey, and Dave Weeda. Click here for additional information regarding the Town’s Ethics Procedures.

Greenscape Committee – The Greenscape Committee provides recommendations to the Council regarding improving the Town’s greenscape, including its parks, rights-of-way, and public areas. The Committee consists of members of the community who volunteer to serve on a year-to-year, renewable basis. Current Committee Members consist of Conor Crimmins (Chair), Duane Rollins (Co-Chair), Arlene Antonicelli, Gloria Capron, Eric Durland, Sabina Emerson, Yvonne Gurney, Julie O’Malley, Alison Oppenheim, Elisenda Sola-Sole, and Helen Wilkes.


The Town has various Volunteer (ad-hoc) Committees that are created periodically for the purpose of gathering and researching information for a specific topic on behalf of the Council. These Committees are always open to those that are interested and we ask that if you would like to join any of the below Committees to please contact the Mayor and Council.

Developmental Review Board – The Development Review Board (DRB) reviews proposed development projects within the Town and provides input and feedback to developers in an effort to create a collaborative process between the Town and developers on projects being proposed within the Town limits. Committee members are appointed by the Mayor to serve year-to-year, renewable terms. Current Board Members consist of T.J. Monahan (Chair), Conor Crimmins (Co-Chair), Darin Bartram (Co-Chair), Chris Bruch, Martha Deale, Brian Hak, and Paul Sexton.

Historic Preservation – The Historic Preservation Committee reviews any proposed changes to the Town’s Historic District. Committee members are appointed by the Mayor to serve year-to-year, renewable terms. Current Committee Members consist of Tracey Furman (Chair), Conor Crimmins (Co-Chair), Chris Bruch, Gloria Capron, Helen Wilkes, John Doherty, Jennifer Smith, and Toni Ward.

Traffic Committee – The Traffic Committee reviews issues related to roadway safety, traffic control devices, roadway improvements, and traffic ordinance enforcement. Committee members are appointed by the Mayor to serve year-to-year, renewable terms. Current Committee Members consists of Darin Bartram (Chair), Sean McMullen (Co-Chair), John Doherty, Lindsay Field, Brian Imirie, Daniel Martin, Leslie Olson, Karen Sage, John Thompson, and Anne-Marie Turner.