Residential Building Permit Submission

Please ensure that you submit a complete application, as incomplete applications will not be reviewed. If you have any questions about the permitting process, please contact the Town Office.

  • A Historic Area Work Permit (HAWP) will be required prior to review of any structural change for properties located within the Historic District.
  • Full set of construction drawings/building plans.
  • Building Site Plan.
  • Building location survey or plat showing location of fence, if applicable.
  • Application Fee and Performance Bond, if applicable.
  • Guards or Barriers 5 feet out from the drip line of all trees located within the public right-of-way.
  • Signs advertising the contractor/project may not exceed a total of ten (10) square feet in area and must be placed at least five (5) feet behind the property line. Signs may not be placed within the public right-of-way or illuminated.
  • The Town will review this application within ten (10) business days. Upon completion of the review, the applicant may be notified of additional requirements such as deposits, bonds, fees, insurance, limitations on work, additional plans, etc.
  • This permit shall become invalid if the authorized work is not started within twelve (12) months from the date issued, or if the authorized work is suspended for a period of six months after work has commenced; once issued, the permit fee is not refundable.
  • Any false or misleading information in this application may result in the rejection of this application and/or revocation of the building permit.
  • Town building permits are revocable at anytime for violations of law or any special condition of the permit.
  • The permittee is required to notify and receive proper clearance from all utilities before commencing any underground construction.
  • The permittee is required to abide by all local noise ordinances.
  • No dirt or construction debris will be permitted on public streets or sidewalks at any time.
  • It is prohibited to block sidewalks during construction, unless a corresponding right-of-way permit has been approved.
  • To commence work prior to issuance of a permit is a violation of the law and subject to a fine.
  • Parking Compliance: Is adequate on-site parking available for the construction crews? If no, please provide a plan for parking which minimizes inconvenience to neighboring residents and/or businesses. If any road closures will be required due to deliveries, equipment or other reasons, the contractor is responsible for directing vehicular and pedestrian traffic.