Kensington Sector Plan Overview, from Montgomery County Planning Department

March 20, 2012, the County Council approved the Kensington Sector Plan, which creates a long term planning framework for Kensington including a reinvigorated Town Center. This Plan updates the 1978 Town of Kensington and Vicinity Sector Plan, articulating the Kensignton communities’ vision and guiding the area’s physical development over a 20-year period.

The new Plan generally retains existing densities, using Mixed Use Zones (Commercial Residential/Town and Commercial Residential/Neighborhood) to allow residential development along with commercial uses. The zones, which require developers to provide public benefits, will result in well-designed projects on livelier streets that include wide, tree-lined sidewalks, plazas and other gathering spaces, and opportunities to preserve neighborhood businesses.

The plan also recommends creating a village center near Kensington’s MARC station, with mixed-use development and open space for public gatherings.