Event Videos & Blogs

Montgomery Municipal Cable (MMC) is a government access station in Montgomery County, MD located in the Kensington Town Hall/Armory.
MMC strives to increase community awareness among residents by developing content designed to inform, educate and create an archive for the residents of the municipalities we represent.

MMC has graciously created the following event videos and blogs for the Town of Kensington.

2021 Events & Blogs…& More

Kensington 8K Race 2021 Highlights

Town of Kensington Train Show 2021

Needle Chasers of Chevy Chase Quilt Show Promo 2021

Town of Kensington Labor Day Festival Video

2021 Paint the Town Labor Day Art Show Video 

July 4th Bike Parade & Independence Day 2021 in Montgomery County

Remembering Kensington Icon Bertha Clum

2020 Events & Blogs

The Hold Your Light Mural at Summit Avenue Bridge

Howl-O-Ween Puppy Parade

All Aboard! A Virtual Celebration of the Annual Kensington Train Show

A Labor Day Message from Kensington Mayor Furman

Happy Labor Day 2020 Blog Post

Town Hall Illuminated Blue in Honor of Health Care Heroes Day

Town of Kensington Dog Run Park

2019 Events & Blogs

Pumpkin Rock N’ Roll Event Video

Pumpkin Rock N’ Roll Blog Post

Scary Perry Halloween Block Party

Kensington 8K Event Video

Kensington 8K Promotion Video

Kensington Train Show Event Video

Kensington Train Show Blog Post

Kensington Train Show Promotion Video

Paint the Town Art Show Event Video

Paint the Town Art Show Blog Post

52nd Annual Labor Day Parade Event Video in Full

52nd Annual Labor Day Parade Event Video Highlights

52nd Annual Labor Day Parade Blog Post

Compilation of July 4 Celebrations in Montgomery County Event Video

Kensington Fitness Festival Event Video

Kensington Day of the Book Promotion Video

2018 Events & Blogs

51st Annual Labor Day Parade 2019 Event Video in Full